"Italian Journey"

Exhibit of 25 Photos of Italy including the Birthplaces of Fran's Grandparents
at the Italian Consulate, 17th floor of the Federal Reserve Building Boston
April through September 2014
Italian Journey Invitation


Home of my maternal grandparents... by Fran Gardino

In May of 2012, in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of my grandfather's emigration to the USA, I returned to the Sicilian homeland of my ancestors with my wife, daughter and cousin.  These photos are but a few of the images that I shot during that trip.

Pietraperzia Nana's Home

Nana's three room birthplace and home as it appears today and probably the same then;

She left in 1913 when she was 7 years old.  Her mother had 15 kids in this place and only 5 lived.

However, the town has done some upgrading...

Pietraperzia Cover

Yes! They do have plumbing...

Pietraperzia Acqua

and water...

Pietraperzia Pan

but they still have the town well, with spigots...

Pietraperzia Pool

and a wading pool

Pietraperzia Grafitti
and nearby graffiti

Pietraperzia Phone

and a modern pay phone... in the era of widespread cell phone usage

Pietraperzia Irrigation

and irrigation panels...

Pietraperzia Shrine

although the frequency of these panels are outpacing the Maria della Cava shrines.

Pietraperzia Hotel

and yes there is the Marconi Hotel

Pietraperzia Pan
with a great view from the balcony in back

Pietraperzia Downtown

of a busy downtown Pietraperzia

Pietraperzia Bldg

along with the school...

Pietraperzia Hotel

and contemporary architecture

Pietraperzia Hill #1

and some not so contemporary in a slow period of transition...

Pietraperzia Hill #2

Pietraperzia Hill #3

Pietraperzia Hill #4

Pietraperzia Hill #5

Pietraperzia Hill #6

Pietraperzia Hill #7

Pietraperzia Hill #8

Pietraperzia Hill #9

but nevetheless charming residences

Pietraperzia Hill #10

Pietraperzia Hill #11

by day and...

Pietraperzia Hill #12

at night

Pietraperzia Hill #14

I  can see a happy Nana and Papa as children running up this hill streets and stairs

Pietraperzia Fields #1

and playing in these fields

Pietraperzia Fields #2

even into private property,

Pietraperzia Dumpsters

never imagining the current outcome

Pietraperzia Hill #2

Pietraperzia Fileds #4

of modernization and eventual commercialization

Pietraperzia Bushes

and modest beautification

Pietraperzia Park

and not so modest Parca Della Remembranza.

Pietraperzia Maria Della Cava #4

They brought the feast of Maria Della Cava to Boston and they continue it there...

Pietraperzia Maria Della Cava #1

Pietraperzia Maria Della Cava #2

Pietraperzia Maria Dell Cava #3

as a festive time

Pietraperzia Trash Bags

shedding the sadness of old memories and a poorer time.