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Photos of Non-traditional gravestones by some Ultra-traditional Italian scultore supremos
in the Hope Cemetery near the Rock of Ages quarry of Graniteville, VT...  please scroll to the right > > >

On this page, in addition to a long wide panorama photo of a crumbling section of the ROA granite quarry, are my photos of the 3D gravestone letter A, stones of tree stumps which were used in Roman copies of Greek sculpture, various irregular shaped stones with masterful ornate sculpting, a soccer ball, some architectural columns, a road to the quarry, an otherwise sophisticated broken stone using a lally column to brace one side, a 3D cube with the word LOVE on one side and SALES on another side, and a gravestone with 2 pieces of a puzzle (what does that signify?).  Regardless, it was an inspirational experience photographing this unique cemetery.  Long shadows are always appropriate here.
Arnhold Bertolini Bianchi Cavorello Comolli Davis Fontana Gerruti Johnson Lizzari Marforio Miclierini Martel Pecor Rovetti Velani WingWeb
Rock of Ages Horizontal Panorama

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