Siracusa Page

This is page includes my photos of Siracusa Sicily.

As it turns out the subject matter in this photo has quite a bit of historical or mythical significance to the city Siracusa which is located on the western coast of Sicily.

Papyrus plants in the Fountain of Arethusa in Siracusa

Siracusa Papyrus

I had no idea about this story of a Greek goddess who turned into this fountain.  I simply thought it was a beautiful weed scene with a golden light.

Siracusa Panorama

... I guess a lot of other people felt the same way or maybe they knew?

Siracusa Rocks

There were also some interesting shaped rocks which i'm sure have a lot of history...

Siracusa Water Steps

like steps to heaven, or the underworld

Siracusa Rocks Under Water

...meanwhile at the farmer's market there were some healthy sized olives and garlic

Olives and Garlic

... and beans

Siracusa Market

and a few non-stray dogs to photograph...

Siracusa Dogs

Siracusa Canem #1

and of course the obligatory moonset from the bed and breakfast...

Siracusa at Night